[etherlab-dev] EoE IP command patch

Graeme Foot Graeme.Foot at touchcut.com
Wed Feb 6 22:35:29 CET 2019


FYI, I've updated my EoE patches and added a new one.


This has been updated so that if the "eoe_autocreate" flag is 1 (true) then static "eoe_interfaces" can still be used, resulting in a combination of static and dynamic EoE ifaces.  I'm doing this so I can have static iface ports for my switch devices (EL6601, EL6614 modules) and dynamic iface ports for my Yaskawa sigma 7 amps which support configuration via EoE.


Line number changes due to the above patch.


This is a new patch to fix some EoE bugs to do with the "ethercat ip" command.  The ip command allows you to set the MAC, IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS server and name on an EoE device.  This command was returning errors saying it had timed out.  This was due to the EoE frame thread receiving and dropping the reply from the ip command.  I'm not sure if this became a problem due to the mailbox patches or whether it would have been a problem anyway.  Note: the ip command would also drop mailbox replies that were meant to go to the EoE frame thread handler.

To resolve this I have created two EoE mailbox reply caches.  One for the EoE frame thread and one for the ip command.

Secondly the EtherCAT master was packing the ip command data, so if an item was not being set subsequent items would not leave a space for it and dynamically sizing the data structure.  The ETG.1000.6 standard shows the ip command (EoE Init Request) data structure requires the data to have fixed positions and to leave space for unused items.  It is also a fixed size.  I have confirmed this with Beckhoff.

Graeme Foot.
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