[etherlab-users] Etherlab/RTW with a Windows Matlab

Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Hagemeister hm at igh-essen.com
Tue Nov 6 13:54:35 CET 2007

Hello Mr Krenzer,

Marcus Krenzer wrote:
> Hello,
> is it possible to run the Etherlab/RTW with a Matlab under Windows, because of a 
> missing Unix-License?

it is currenty not possible to run the realtime module under Windows.

> I configured and installed Etherlab/RTW under Linux, then i copied the directory 
> /opt/etherlab to windows and run the "setup_etherlab" in a Windows Matlab 
> Environment. There were a few Problems with the Mex-Compiler but i could fix it. 
> The "etherlab_lib" works fine and I can create different Modells and build the 
> C-Code. I ported the Code to Linux and modified the makefile for the correct 
> paths. So the compiling succeeds and i get a module. But after inserting the 
> RTAI-modules and the "rt_kernel.ko" there are problems with an "insmod 
> <modell>_kmod.ko". The symbols "malloc", "calloc" and "strlen" are undefined. 
> They shouldn't be in a Kernel-module, but sadly they are. So is there a way to 
> fix this problem?

What you described is a good way of developing Etherlab Software. We 
never tried running "setup_etherlab" under Windows because we only work 
under Linux. So we would be happy if you send your modifications to the 
"setup_etherlab" m-file and the "makefile" to patch it to a future 
The missing symbols is because you use an "new" Matlab/Simulink Version.
Up to "matlab2006b" Etherlab should we running fine, but the 2007 
Edition has references to this symbols. We just didn't have time to fix 
the problem for the current Matlab release, so if you fix it and provide 
a patch we would be very happy.

Best regards

Wilhelm Hagemeister.


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