[etherlab-users] Writing to a blank EEPROM

Florian Pose fp at igh-essen.com
Sat Nov 17 15:21:53 CET 2007

Hi Aaron,

On Fri, Nov 16, 2007 at 09:35:51AM -0800, Aaron Edsinger wrote:
> Thanks Florian. My concern is being able to write the first 40 words into a 
> blank EEPROM using the Master. If it is unable to recognize a slave with a 
> blank EEPROM, then how is it able to write these initial words?

sorry, I was a bit unclear: The master will recognize and list the
slave, but it won't know, what kind of slave it is (which is irrelevant
for writing the EEPROM).

Best regards,
Florian Pose


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