[etherlab-users] memory leakage of Master 1.4.0-rc3

li.peng li.peng at advantech.com.cn
Wed Dec 17 10:45:21 CET 2008

Please forgive me ,may be I make a mistake.
Enclose file is my application file.
I test Master 1.4.0-rc3 on Ubuntu 8.04.1.
Network device is RTL8139.
When i run master with my application, I found the memory is grow very quick.
I can see memory of used change from 365288 to 441492 after about 30 minutes.
Because I test it on kernel 2.6.23 also and the same memory leak is occur.
The difference of two test is driver module. So i judge master has memory leak.

But when i run master more long time, the memory seems not continue grow.
So tonight i will run master, and send the result to list at tomorrow morning.

Please forgive my poor English.
Best regards,

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