[etherlab-users] Simulink install question

Julian Stoev julian.stoev at gmail.com
Wed May 27 12:21:28 CEST 2009

Hello All,
About me: I am new to the EtherCat/Etherlab world and not a long time
user of RTAI. I have decent Linux experience however.

I installed and tested all the Etherlab-Bundle-1.6 on our future
real-time system running Debian-stable. It was relatively painless
experience except for few ftp download paths and finding the right
linux and rtai config files. I hope things are now complete in this
area. Tested the result with our Beckhoff  I/O devices and they are
correctly detected and reported as slaves in the syslog.

I have a problem about the proper way to install the Simulink part of Etherlab.
As suggested in the etherlab documentation
we have the case when our Matlab/Simulink/RTW system is not the same
as our real-time system. I do not have root access on the matlab
I will have to make the RTW part of etherlab available to the Matlab
path. The README file suggests compilation of the etherlab like this
on the matlab machine:
./configure --disable-kernel; make; make install
I had to add some prefix option to install in my user account on the
matlab server, but I guess this is not a problem?
However I get the message that no linux sources are found (correctly)
and I suspect later I will get the message that no RTAI is found on
the Matlab server.
What would be the proper way to handle situation like this? One
possibility would be to copy to my matlab user account all the linux
source three from the RT machine to the Matlab machine and also the
rtai part in /opt. This is possible, there is no space limitation. But
is this the right approach? Other option I can imagine is to copy only
the RTW path to the matlab machine, but I am not sure this would be
sufficient and the paths will be different.

I tried to search for such info in your web pages and mail list, but I
found none.
Any ideas and advice?


Julian Stoev, PhD.
Control Researcher

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