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Alyssa Wells Alyssa.Wells at custom-pak.com
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Thank you for the help and resources! I'm working my way through your examples now, trying to understand the sequence of events completely so I can follow it for my application.
I tried running the profile velocity example and the cyclic sync position example with no movement. It appears to be communicating with the drive just fine, it reports back actual velocity/position as 0 every scan, but it doesn't enable the drive or move it at all. Is that by design, or should it be moving?
I feel like I'm getting close to making this work, but I feel like I'm missing something or overcomplicating something in the process that's messing me up. If you have time, I'd appreciate any insight you can offer.

Alyssa Wells

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This KM guide for Interpolated Position is for CANOpen only. For EtherCAT CoE, 
SDO 0x1c12 and 0x1c13 must be set, otherwise it does not work.

SDO 0x1c12 and 0x1c13 are used to assign PDO to the Sync Manager.

My example is based on the TwinCAT example from the Kollmorgen EtherCAT 
documentation. See the startup-SDO-list in section 4.6.1 "Flexible PDO Mappings" in

Sebastien BLANCHET

On 05/10/2016 03:17 PM, Alyssa Wells wrote:
> Firmware: M_01-13-00-004
> Shell script attached that now works! I added line 3 and adjusted line 10 (had
> the wrong type there, uint32 instead of uint8)
> I got those commands from this guide on Interpolated Position from Kollmorgen
> (http://kdn.kollmorgen.com/sites/default/files/AKD%20CanOpen%20DS402%20PDO%20Interpolated%20position.pdf)
> and I don't fully understand why their example uses the commands that it does,
> versus your examples.
> A more specific example of this is the line 3 that I added to my script is
> something you use in your examples, but KM does not use. What exactly does that
> line achieve and why is it better than the KM method? (Aside from the obvious
> fact that it works and their way doesn't)
> Thanks,
> Alyssa Wells
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> Subject: Re: [etherlab-users] SDO transfer aborted
> Hi,
> Could you please send
> - the full listing of your PDOs configuration
> - the firmware version of your AKD servo drive
> Ideally I would like a shell script like this
> http://lists.etherlab.org/pipermail/etherlab-users/attachments/20120413/b83b76d4/attachment.bin
> so that I can easily replay the configuration sequence
> regards,
> --
> Sebastien BLANCHET
> For your information, I have already posted some examples for Kollmorgen AKD,
> that may help you.
> http://lists.etherlab.org/pipermail/etherlab-users/2012/001684.html
> http://lists.etherlab.org/pipermail/etherlab-users/2015/002724.html
> http://lists.etherlab.org/pipermail/etherlab-users/2015/002698.html
> http://lists.etherlab.org/pipermail/etherlab-users/2015/002723.html
> On 05/09/2016 04:37 PM, Alyssa Wells wrote:
>  > Using the EtherCAT Master to talk to a Kollmorgen AKD drive with quite a bit of
>  > success. When I try to set up some of the PDOs, I get an error message.
>  >
>  > This command:
>  > sudo ethercat -p0 -t uint32 download 0x1602 1 0x60400010
>  >
>  > Produces the following errors:
>  >
>  > (the first time it is run)
>  > SDO transfer aborted with code 0x06040041: The object cannot be mapped into
> the PDO
>  >
>  > (any subsequent times it is run)
>  > SDO transfer aborted with code 0x08000022: Data cannot be transferred or stored
>  > to the application because of the present device state
>  >
>  > If anyone has any insight into why this is happening, I would really appreciate
>  > the input. Thanks!
>  >
>  >
>  > Alyssa Wells
>  > Automation Technician
>  > Custom-Pak, Inc.
>  > www.custom-pak.com
>  >
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