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Christoph Schroeder christoph.schroeder at helmholtz-berlin.de
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Hi all,

you need to copy or link the script to /usr/local/sbin
what is the reason for this?

According to man systemd-sysv-generator all you have to do is to install the SysV script into /etc/init.d as usually and reload the config:
$ sudo systemctl daemon-reload
This will create a service file under /run/systemd/generator.late/ethercat.service which can be enabled for autostart as you wrote.

By the way, the EtherCAT master also comes with a proper service file. I didn't test it though since the init.d script works fine for me om Debian 9.

Best regards,

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We have been using etherLabs etherCAT stack on Debian Wheezy with a Xenomai kernel for some time now.  For reasons outside of ethercat we want to move to Stretch (Debian 9) using the RT_PREEMPT kernel.  I have the stack up and running, but some system differences are causing me some difficulties.  I have been reading articles, but was wanting to know if someone here has already gone through the pain and would be willing to share their work.

First of all, I have found that although the UDev directories are still there, they are all empty and UDev seems to be deprecated.  The UDev rule, 99-EtherCAT.rules, which contains the line “KERNEL=="EtherCAT[0-9]*", MODE="0664"” no longer seems to have any effect.  Anyone know the new procedure to set the file mode for the EtherCAT devices?

Second, they have switched to systemd.  I have just been running the sbin/ethercatctl script to start and stop the service.  Anyone know the magic mojo to add it to the system so I can use systemctrl and thus be able to have it start on system startup?



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