[etherlab-users] EtherCAT Master via USB-Adapter?

Karl Zeilhofer karl at zeilhofer.co.at
Tue Apr 30 09:49:10 CEST 2019

Dear Mr. Wilhelm,

thanks for your first advices. May I ask, what do you define as "good"
realtime behavior?

Could this "bad" realtime performanc be improved by using a USB-adapter
with a supported chipset? Or does USB (3.0) introduce inherently bad
realtime performance?

Kind regards, Karl Zeilhofer

On 30.04.19 07:47, Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Hagemeister wrote:
> Hallo Mr Zeilhofer,
> generally the EtherCAT master should work with any Ethernet interface
> which is supported by the kernel if one uses the generic driver.
> Due to the fact that the generic driver uses parts of the regular
> network stack, don't expect good realtime behavior with an USB connected
> adapter.
> Regards Wilhelm
> Am 30.04.2019 um 01:40 schrieb Karl Zeilhofer:
>> Hi,
>> has anyone experiences with running the IgH EtherCAT master via a
>> USB-Ethernet adapter?
>> I'm using one on one of my servers, which runs since years without
>> problems. It uses the r8152 Ethernet driver, which is not supported.
>> For the first tests, I don't want to configure my main Ethernet port,
>> which is an e1000e, on my daily working machine.
>> As far as I understood from the documentation, that Ethernet port cannot
>> be used for the daily network traffic any more, right?
>> If it would generally work over USB, I would buy a new adapter with one
>> of the supported chip sets. Any recommendations?
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