[etherlab-users] How slow can a DC cycle time be?

Louie Lu git at louie.lu
Tue Oct 8 11:46:31 CEST 2019

Hi all,

Usually, DC will need a cycle time at 1ms or lower,
but we don't need a cycle time that fast, we only need 20Hz ~ 50Hz,
is that possible for DC?

For what I test on my driver (LAN9252), if the cycle time drop below
200Hz, it will unable to make the driver bring up from PREOP to OP,
although the frame is still exchanging.

Also, SM2 sync is possible to run at 20Hz ~ 50Hz, but can I measure
the propagation delay between the drivers? Is the 0x900~ reg valid
even if I'm using SM2 sync mode?

I'm using Linux 4.14.67-rt40, IgH 1.5.2 w/ all unofficial patches.


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