[etherlab-dev] Problems with PDO mapping on EL4132

Thomas Elste thomas.elste at imms.de
Tue Jan 29 15:05:46 CET 2008

Hello Ralf,

thanks for your fast reply. 

> In this case following #define statements should solve your problem:
> #define Beckhoff_EL4132_PDO_Output1_CoE 0x3001, 1
> #define Beckhoff_EL4132_Output1 Beckhoff_EL4132,
> Beckhoff_EL4132_PDO_Output1_CoE

Indeed, this works. I remember trying 0x3001:1 before. But at this
time I was still working on my ARM port and the task wasn't loading
for some other reason. And on x86, using a script, I never tested a
delay between starting the master and loading the task.

Thanks for your help

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