[etherlab-dev] ARM9 (NetX) EtherCAT-enhanced Network Driver

Thomas Elste thomas.elste at imms.de
Wed Jan 30 16:19:46 CET 2008

Hi Florian,

> I'm currently applying them
> to the configuration files and I have a question about the kernel
> versioning you used: The driver files are named
> netx-eth-2.6.20-rt1-netx1-ethercat.X. You matched the version in
> configure.ac against the $kernelrelease instead of the $linuxversion
> (without the '-rt1-netx1'). Do you have a special reason for this?
I've done this some weeks ago, so I can't only remember that I've
had some problems with the autoconf stuff, but not exactly all the
circumstances. I think I wanted to match the exact kernel version
as the NetX code is not included in the vanilla kernel tree. And as
the driver needs some NetX specific headers from the kernel tree,
I probably wanted to avoid compilation erros in matching against just
any 2.6.20 kernel.
Right now I noticed that the NetX code in fact _is_ already
included in 2.6.20, so a check against $linuxversion would indeed
be sufficient. I can change this, if you like and send the patch
in again.


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