[etherlab-dev] ARM9 (NetX) EtherCAT-enhanced Network Driver

Thomas Elste thomas.elste at imms.de
Tue Feb 5 15:13:46 CET 2008


>> Can you apply your patches to the netx-eth.c from the latest
>> 2.6.20 kernel? I'd like to make sure, that the original version
>> is always from the kernel tree.
> the patch applies with some hunk offsets and 1 rejection (but thats
> only one stray newline). The problem is, I couldn't get the master
> running with this patched driver from the mainline kernel.
> In fact, I couldn't even get the unpatched ethernet driver with
> a vanilla 2.6.20 kernel up and running.
ok, I've done some more testing with the following result: I wasn't
able the get the ethernet interface up and running on my two netX
boards without applying an additional patch from the netX-BSP to
the vanilla kernel first. I've tried 2.6.20, 2.6.21 even 2.6.24
with various configurations without success.
The patch (17k) from the BSP adds some register definitions for
the netX and inserts some code to set these registers in the
function responsible for resetting the xC engine. This is the
configurable hardware part in the netX, which allows it to use
various realtime ethernet and fieldbus protocols.
Some changes to the actual ethernet driver are done, too.

I don't know, if Hilscher or Pengutronix (they've done the actual
netX Linux port) are still planning in submitting the patches
from the BSP to the mainline kernel. Regarding the kernel version
from the BSP and the age of the patches, I would guess: no.
So what might be the best way to continue in this case?

Best regards

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