[etherlab-dev] ARM9 (NetX) EtherCAT-enhanced Network Driver

Thomas Elste thomas.elste at imms.de
Thu Feb 7 13:43:50 CET 2008


> do you mean the standard Ethernet driver or the EtherCAT-enabled one,
> that does not work?
the standard one.

> I'll gladly include your EtherCAT-netX drivers in the next EtherCAT
> release.  Could you please send me the patched version(s) for the
> working drivers?
These are included in the mail, starting this thread. An open question
was, if the configure script should compare the netX driver version
with $linuxversion or $kernelrelease. As a patched kernel really is
required (with the full version string $kernelrelease=2.6.20-rt1-netx1)
one could argue to use $kernelrelease (which I did the first time).
But as in this version string also the preempt patches (-rt1) are
included (but not required), I made another patch (attached to this
mail) which uses $linuxversion.

> I'll also remove the TSC (get_cycles(), cpu_khz) uses from the master
> code, to increase the portability to ARM architectures and others.
Sounds good.

Best regards
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