[etherlab-dev] EtherCAT :: generating voltage on BeckhoffEL4732terminal fails

Christian Gieseler chg at alpenjodel.de
Thu Apr 16 10:20:22 CEST 2009

> I think I did not quite get how to configure PDO's and SM's.

Try to specify all pdos and sm exactly as in the output of ethercat xml.
Same order and the complete list of pdos.

> Most of the
> time, I get domain state 1 or the actual working counter does not match
> the
> expected working counter.
In the your sylog output the working counter is 1/1 like expected??

> The code from my first mail seems to work fine
> according to the logs, but no output voltage is generated. Any help would
> be
> appreciated.
> Greets,
> Daniel
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