[etherlab-dev] Another SDO timeout problem

Erwin Burgstaller ethercat.berknapp at spamgourmet.com
Fri Jun 19 11:01:55 CEST 2009


We have a similar problem to this one:  


In that case, I'm waiting for the proposed new hardware replacing the
EL6001, which should be released this month by Beckhoff and I hope it
will be gone with them.

But with our own device, there's the idea of setting the IP-Adress for
EoE with SDO-Data. Playing with that, we've found that upload of SDO
description does fail, if the realtime module (PREOP->OP) is loaded too

But the upload works, if there's a delay of about 3 seconds.

If it fails, the log shows the following:

ecmaster [94800.581671] EtherCAT ERROR: Reception of CoE SDO description response failed on slave 0: No response.
ecmaster [94803.614373] EtherCAT ERROR: Timeout while waiting for SDO entry description response on slave 1.

>ethercat -p0 sdos
Sdo 0x1c12, ""
Failed to get Sdo entry: Invalid argument
>ethercat -p1 sdos
Sdo 0x1c12, "RxPDO assign"
Failed to get Sdo entry: Invalid argument

I've attached two wireshark protocols, filtered for
ethercat_mailbox. One on which the timeout occoures and one where it has
been OK, because of waiting.

In the protocol files there's this 3 seconds delay visible. Why does the
master wait for 3 seconds before it goes on further?


Erwin Burgstaller
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