[etherlab-dev] Etharcat master Cross Compile for Arm

paluan.luca at tiscali.it paluan.luca at tiscali.it
Sat Dec 22 16:44:31 CET 2012

Dear users,
I'm trying to cross compile the ehtercat master for 
embedded system based on arm926ej-s cpu (AT91SAM9G20 platform).
been experiencing multiple problems running my application on such a 
maste for monthsr.
The application doesn't work at all (segmentation 
fault) compiled with no optimizations and seems to work only with speed 
optimization set.
However even in the last case it just seems to work: 
often just trying to change the slave status by sending a control word 
(Pdo mapped) is impossible.
The same application with the same ethercat 
master compiled on linux on a desktop environment (pentium M) is 
perfectly working and there's no trace of all the troubles I'm facing 
on embedded system.
After two months of investigations I've come to the 
conclusion that it could be a cross compiling problem (I'm using arm-
none-linux-gnueabi toolchain 2007q1) and I'd like to know if I'm the 
only one who has had such problems.
I've written my application to work 
both with xenomai and with rt preemption but I've reached the same 
behaviour, looking in the mailing list there is a discussion about a 
patch for the ethercat master (the patch is related to the EC_READ and 
EC_WRITE macros) in a situation similar to mine; without applying such 
a patch nothing seems to wrok but using it the system doesn't seem to 
have a deterministic behaviour, so that to me it is noy useful at all.

Each kind of advise or help is well accepted.
Thanks in advance for 
your answers.
Best Regards, Luca Paluan

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