[etherlab-dev] FW: Ethercos adaptations

Len Remmerswaal lremmerswaal at revolutioncontrols.com
Mon Oct 15 11:41:51 CEST 2012

Hi all,
Ethercos is a very interesting package. However it is in alpha stage, and it seems to be a bit stagnant.
I have submitted a few small bug fixes before (back in 2010) and then did not have time to look more into things.
I have had a little more time lately . The results are packed in a Mercurial bundle <http://www.revolutioncontrols.com/softw/ethercos_changes_from_0.0.2_rc15.bundle.hg>  which can be found here <http://www.revolutioncontrols.com/softw/>  (3.2M: too big to attach  :-))
It is a compressed file containing all changes I made to the original 0.0.2.rc15 download that is still the one available on the Ethercos site <http://www.etherlab.org/en/ethercos/index.php> . (read the Mercurial docs <http://mercurial.selenic.com/guide/>  to find out what to do with a bundle <http://mercurial.selenic.com/wiki/LookingIntoBundles> ).
Here is a summary of the changes:
- A few showstopping bugs have been removed (see my mails from 2010) to make the generated executables actually run.
- Added support for the EL33xx devices (thermocouple/milliVolt sensors)
- Added support for a few more devices to the EL4xxx block: EL4012, EL4022, EL4032.
- Changed the EL4xxx  defining  files such that adding more devices is easier (i.e. more data, less code)
- Added support to edit tcl sources in the normal way, and then convert them to satisfy the (rather restricted) Scicoslab interpreter.
- Made convert_slavedesc.pl run. This is just a step towards importing the Beckhoff xml files directly for slave descriptions instead of needing the Etherlab (Matlab) files.
I have tested things up to the point that ethercos "make"s correctly, blocks can be instantiated into a scicos application, code is generated and an executable produced. The executable starts and runs. 
Because of lack of actual devices I only get "slave not configured" messages, as one would expect: I have not seen devices operating (yet). 
And I work with  a  regular RT_PREEMPT  kernel , nothing like rtai and the like.
And I have tested with ScicosLab 4.3, not Scilab 5 or xcos.
Hope this helps.
Are there any changes in the repository that are not in the posted download (0.0.2-rc15)? Can the repository be made available, if only read-only, like the ethercat master repository  is?
Len Remmerswaal 
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