[etherlab-dev] how to connect ethercat master to slave drive

Jinyoung Choi kbkbc88 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 10:31:10 CEST 2012

hi all,

I'm quite bit of rookie in this motion control field.

I have servo motor connected to AX2003, so I tried to activate this motor
with EtherCAT master protocol provided by etherlab.

I compiled and installed ethercat master module and generic ethernet device
driver. (ec_master.ko, ec_generic.ko)

And HWs are like this,


I connected ethernet port in PC to EK1100 coupler and connected EK1100 to
AX2003 slave drive with ethernet cable.

Atne then, I executed /opt/etherlab/etc/init.d/ethercat with start command
and I got these messages

[   43.502737] EtherCAT: Master driver 1.5.1 0f7a243b03e4
[   43.504260] EtherCAT 0: /dev/EtherCAT0 has made
[   43.504264] EtherCAT: 1 master waiting for devices.
[   43.533601] ec_generic: EtherCAT master generic Ethernet device module
1.5.1 0f7a243b03e4
[   43.533606] offer device
[   43.533607] ec_gen_device_init is called : Init generic device
[   43.533612] ec_gen_device_offer is called
[   43.533616] EtherCAT: Accepting device 00:0C:29:41:2D:3D for master 0.
[   43.537168] ec_generic: Binding socket to interface 2 (eth0).
[   43.537174] ec_gen_device_create_socket is called and completed
[   43.537177] EtherCAT 0: Starting EtherCAT-IDLE thread.
[   43.538586] ecdev_set_link : ec_gen_device_offer
[   43.538589] EtherCAT 0: Link state changed to UP.
[   43.553993] EtherCAT WARNING 0: 1 datagram TIMED OUT!
[   44.552871] EtherCAT WARNING 0: 50 datagrams TIMED OUT!
[   45.552005] EtherCAT WARNING 0: 50 datagrams TIMED OUT!

Slave respondings are not received and timed out messages are constantly

What is the problem?

Is there any configurations or files for slave devices?

I don't know how to connect my host pc to the slaves!

I can't proceed my work because of this problem.

I will wait for someone's rescue.

Best Regard.

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