[etherlab-dev] EoE card with SDO setup on Etherlab master 1.5

Johnny Rasmussen jra at deif.com
Wed Apr 17 13:09:34 CEST 2013

Hi Etherlab-dev

Just a quick question:
Has anyone tried exchanging SDO mailbox information with a EoE device running in OP while the C Master is active?

We have a EoE device which has a VLAN configuration SDO but it is near impossible for me to set it using the Etherlab C master.

If I use the ecrt_slave_config_sdo16 to configure the SDO so it is downloaded during the ECAT_MasterActivate  call the card goes to PREOP + E.
The error from dmesg was:
[  291.289161] EtherCAT WARNING 0-1: Other mailbox protocol response for eoe0s1.
[  291.299715] EtherCAT ERROR 0-1: Reception of CoE download response failed: No response.
[  291.307778] EtherCAT ERROR 0-1: SDO configuration failed.

But the SDO value has been set on the EoE slave and the wire shark SDO response from the slave looks fine. It seems like the SDO response is 'lost' by the master when using SDO's on a active EoE device.

I have also tried to read a SDO via the 'ethercat' tool when both the card and C master is in OP, and this is not possible. I get a 'Failed to upload SDO: Input/output error' and the same dmesg error as above.
It works fine while the EoE device is in OP but the Ethercat thread is in IDLE mode. (Master inactive)
I have also tried it with a beckhoff EL6614 and it has the same behavior.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
Best regards,
Johnny Rasmussen
DEIF Wind Power Technology
Software Developer
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