[etherlab-dev] Problems interfacing C++ application to Igh EtherCAT master

Florian Pose fp at igh-essen.com
Mon Apr 8 15:38:01 CEST 2013


Am 05.04.2013 22:57, schrieb Steffen Dalgard:
> It seems that C++ doesnt like the way ecrt.h does forward referencing of
> data structures.

Using C++ to access the master via the userspace library is very common,
so I wonder why you have problems like this. Which master version and
which compiler are you using?

> When including this in my C++ files i am importing ecrt.h in "C-mode"
>     extern "C" {
>     #include "ecrt.h"
>     }

This is already part of the ecrt.h header.

> Do you have experience using C++ in kernel-mode?

Using C++ in kernel mode is discouraged.

Viele Grüße,

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