[etherlab-dev] Support for multiple mailbox protocols

Frank Heckenbach f.heckenbach at fh-soft.de
Wed Jul 2 10:14:25 CEST 2014

Gavin Lambert wrote:

> Actually I'm not sure why fsm_slave shouldn't be made responsible
> for both of those things (config->sdo_requests and SDO dictionary
> scanning).  Doing that would avoid the CoE concurrency issue
> altogether.

I didn't make such changes because they would be rather large scale,
but I agree it would probably be better design.

> (One downside is that all kinds of requests would then be delayed
> until the dictionary scan completed, unless this was made less
> monolithic.  One advantage of Frank's locking patch over this is
> that it would still allow other requests [except
> create_sdo_requests, unless they were moved to fsm_slave] to
> interleave with dictionary scanning, albeit at a slower rate.)

It does, though ironically I want to avoid this scenario myself,
which is why I made patch #28. ;)


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