[etherlab-dev] "ecrt_master_write_idn(...)" and "invalid opcode: 0000"

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Tue Feb 18 08:03:25 CET 2014

Quoth Koch Daniel:
> Everytime I try to reset a slave-error on a BoschRexroth Servo-Drive by
> sendig a SoE-Message (S-0-0099) via ecrt_master_write_idn, i am facing a
> kernel issue (see below) on my rtai-system (version 3.6.1 on a patched
> linux 2.6.24 with ethercat-master 1.5.2). Has anybody ever faced this
> issue as well? Hopefully, anyone knows a hint getting rid off of this?

I can't speak to this exactly, but:

> Feb 13 15:15:20 pc-wt1 kernel: Call Trace:
> Feb 13 15:15:20 pc-wt1 kernel:  [<c0162967>] __kmalloc+0x9c/0xd5
> Feb 13 15:15:20 pc-wt1 kernel:  [<c023750c>] vscnprintf+0x14/0x20
> Feb 13 15:15:20 pc-wt1 kernel:  [<f91b4144>]
> ec_soe_request_alloc+0x23/0x52 [ec_master]
> Feb 13 15:15:20 pc-wt1 kernel:  [<f91af8d2>]
> ecrt_master_write_idn+0x62/0x2d1 [ec_master]
> Feb 13 15:15:20 pc-wt1 kernel:  [<f986bfc8>] calc_idn+0x52/0x5c [r7912]

This trace indicates that inside ec_soe_request_alloc, it was trying to call
vscnprintf.  The only path that would do this is when kernel memory
allocation fails.

This suggests that you are either out of memory or something was making it
request an allocation for a silly number of bytes (perhaps an incorrect
parameter value somewhere).

Given that the allocation inside vscnprintf also appears to have failed
(with a crash), it's likely that you are out of memory.

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