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I've previously reported this issue and stated in general what needs to be
done to resolve it (essentially, have a central dispatcher that's
responsible for retrieving mailbox contents from slaves and hand them off to
the protocol-specific state machines from there, possibly making use of the
mailbox state PDOs on those slaves that support it), but I don't have any
sort of implementation or plan for this at the moment, and it's low on my
list of things to look at because the only slaves I'm working with at the
moment only support CoE (or only FoE in boot mode), so there's no conflict.



Gavin Lambert


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I often get below SDO: Input/output error when using the EtherCAT command
line tool while an EoE handler is running as well.


~ # ethercat upload -p1 0xf101 1 -t uint8

Failed to upload SDO: Input/output error



Below is some debug info from the syslog where it seems like the SDO upload
requested via the EtherCAT command line tool has been received by the EoE
handler that have simply dropped the datagram due to wrong mailbox protocol.


2000-01-06T22:14:11.140760+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.189812]
EtherCAT DEBUG 0: ecrt_master_sdo_upload(master = 0xc786e000, slave_position
= 1, index = 0xF101, subindex = 0x01, target = 0xc7198720, target_size = 1,
result_size = 0xc7909dc8, abort_code = 0xc7909dcc)

2000-01-06T22:14:11.140845+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.189865]
EtherCAT DEBUG 0-1: Scheduling SDO upload request.

2000-01-06T22:14:11.140877+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.191475]
EtherCAT DEBUG 0-1: Processing SDO request...

2000-01-06T22:14:11.140900+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.191507]
EtherCAT DEBUG 0-1: Uploading SDO 0xF101:01.

2000-01-06T22:14:11.140922+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.191529]
EtherCAT DEBUG 0-1: Upload request:

2000-01-06T22:14:11.140945+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.191544]
EtherCAT DEBUG: 00 20 40 01 F1 01 00 00 00 00 

2000-01-06T22:14:11.152670+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.196476]
EtherCAT WARNING 0-1: Other mailbox protocol response for eoe0s1.

2000-01-06T22:14:11.164709+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.204544]
EtherCAT ERROR 0-1: Reception of CoE upload response failed: No response.

2000-01-06T22:14:11.164791+00:00 PCM51-sn214 kernel: [171153.212760]
EtherCAT ERROR 0-1: Failed to process SDO request.



I can see that somebody have added an FIXME comment in the code
(ethernet.c),  but I wonder if anybody have already done some thoughts of a
possible implementation or if anybody is already working on a solution ?


if (mbox_prot != 0x02) { // EoE FIXME mailbox handler necessary



   EC_SLAVE_WARN(eoe->slave, "Other mailbox protocol response for %s.\n",




BR,  Knud Baastrup

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