[etherlab-dev] ethercat-1.5: Various issues

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Mon Jun 16 04:37:40 CEST 2014

On 13 June 2014, quoth I:
> Ah.  I found a spot in ec_master_queue_datagram where I had incorrectly
> applied patch 11 (and jiffies_sent would have been 0).  I've been
> sidetracked a little and haven't had a chance to re-test this, but I
> expect it will solve the issue; thanks for the hint!

Unfortunately that wasn't it.  But the bisection search I did definitely
suggested it was something in this patch that introduced the behaviour.

I did make some other intentional changes from the patch:
  - I changed the "protocol" parameter of ec_slave_datagram_to_buffer and
ec_slave_buffer_to_datagram to uint8_t from uint16_t (since that seems more
  - I left out the cycles_poll > cycles_sent and jiffies_poll > jiffies_sent
checks in the timeout checking, since as I noted before these would not be
safe against wraparound.
  - Some of the logging levels were changed.
  - Otherwise it's only minor formatting changes and nothing that should
affect functionality.

If I put the jiffies_poll > jiffies_sent check back in, I do not get these
17171869us timeouts; but I'm unconvinced it's safe to leave this check in.

Incidentally, reversing the calculation:
  time_us = (unsigned int)((jiffies_poll - jiffies_sent) * 1000000 / HZ);
where time_us = 17171869 and HZ = 250, suggests that (poll-sent) is -2
jiffies (17171869 * 250 / 1000000 ~= -2), but then plugging that forwards
through the formula I'm not sure why time_us != 4294959296 (aka -8000)
instead.  (I did notice that (uint32_t)-2 * (uint64_t)(1000000 / 250) =
17179869176000, which at least has the right digits but they're at the wrong
magnitude.)  I suspect I'm missing something fundamental (and obvious).

In any case, I changed the code where it assigned the current time to
datagrams pulled out of the buffer to assign {cycles,jiffies}_poll instead,
and that seemed to resolve the issue without the need for the dubious
comparison.  Do you agree that this is a reasonable solution?

> (Part of the side-track suggested that patch 26 might not be sufficient
> to solve that problem, but I haven't confirmed that yet, and it'll
> probably be a few days before I get a chance to check it again.  And of
> course it's possible that this was just another error on my part, or
> affected by the above goof.)

This did work in the end; when it was appearing not to work, it was on a
bisection build that didn't have that patch applied yet.

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