[etherlab-dev] how to send process data master to slave

Dave Page dave.page at gleeble.com
Sat Apr 25 00:15:52 CEST 2015

On 2015-04-24 06:00, etherlab-dev-request at etherlab.org wrote:
> Respected sir
>   I am using master as a SOEM1.3.0 and slave as a ecslave-code these two
> packages I am installing in two linux pc's ,and my question is by using
> simple_test program i am able to connect the Slave,able to make slave to
> operational state.But issue is where to insert my data(just hello world)in
> simple_test.c so that i can send my data to Slave node. in below i am
> adding master slave outputs please see.
> Please give me some suggestions regarding this issues

     Sorry, but this list is for IgH Etherlab master. Not sure where the 
SOEM list is. Sorry

         - Dave

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