[etherlab-dev] Announcement: Userspace EtherCAT master update

Frank Heckenbach f.heckenbach at fh-soft.de
Mon Jun 15 16:19:13 CEST 2015

Hello Ricardo,

> @Frank, are you planning to move your project to github or similar?
> Maybe you can encourage more contributions that way. In the next weeks
> I will work again on our ethernet part and will love to contribute (if
> needed)

Esben Haabendal has set up a github on

If you want to contribute, I'm sure he can give you access if you
contact him via github.

Don't expect many contributions from me, though. As I wrote before,
for me it's basically a completed project, and apart from minor
updates (such as to the new autotools version now), I don't plan to
work on the code.

> @list, Is it considered merging this patches? Would you ever consider
> a set of patches that allow building ethercat as a library or as
> module, based on user configuration? What would be the downside for
> such a thing?

I can't speak for IgH, but given the apparent lack of responses to
your mail (as well as most of mine), they don't seem interested.


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