[etherlab-dev] Multiple mailbox protocols and other issues

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Tue Feb 3 08:26:11 CET 2015

On 3 February 2015 20:08, quoth Knud Baastrup:
> Yes, I decided not to use the alias as matching criteria for the slave
> due to the "tree points" intended use of aliases. Currently we do not use
> aliases on our modules, but we are planning to introduce this in the near
> future to prevent that some modules get the wrong configuration if a rack
> modules (with same vendor and product code as the following rack) are
> disconnected due to wire/power break. What do you mean by the "master
> configurator" ?

Depending on context, either the software that sets up the network layout
(assigning aliases, saving persistent parameters, etc), or the person in
charge of doing that work for a particular installation.  Depending on how
your application and network operate, sometimes that's an explicit step, and
sometimes it's part of the application.

Since I'm a lazy person, when our modules are assigned a serial number
during production they get that assigned as their alias as well (although
they can also be explicitly assigned a different alias if the network
configurator wishes), which simplifies network configuration quite a bit.
But then, these are discrete units rather than "racks" so there's a higher
chance they'll get wired in an unexpected order, so I think this provides
the best compromise in network flexibility.  YMMV.

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