[etherlab-dev] Slave to Slave communication

Koch Daniel DK at paul.eu
Mon May 11 10:13:04 CEST 2015

Hi everyone, 


currently i am looking for a safety-plc-solution in combination for our plc which is running rtai and etherlab master with the latest pull from the source-forge hg repository. 

I am thinking about using a fully configurated FSOE-Master (Savety-over-Ethercat) with slaves which should communicate with the ethercat master for (unsafety) information exchange. In my little research, I found an email-talk from this list as follows: 




On Wed, Jan 30, 2008 at 05:03:38PM +0100, Thomas Elste wrote:

> > Moreover, I have not engaged in this, and don't know, what is necessary

> > to make slaves communicate with each other... Do you have more

> > background information than I do?

> Not that I'm aware of. In principle, nothing more should have to be done

> than to tell the relevant slaves to read/write from/to the same logical

> address by configuring the sm/fmmus accordingly. Everything else should

> then depend on the bus topology. Afaik this is the theory, :).


I spoke to a few people about this, in the meantime. The general way to

allow slave to communicate with each other is simply to exchange their

Pdos as usual and to copy the data of the sending slave into the data

range of the receiving slave. At least this is the way,

Safety-over-EtherCAT (FSoE) is operated.


Your proposal is possible, in principle, but it depends on the bus

topology, as you said. The master currently has no interface for this.

The current implementation provides disjunctive logical process data

ranges for each slave, by default.




Did anyone tried it out if the slave-to-slave communication works (i.e. in an earlier version of the etherlab-master)?

I know, I am self-responsible configuring the FSOE-Master and slave, but that is not the point. Will I am be successful by buying fsoe-components, implement them in my module and run it without doing any changing on the etherlab-master code itself? 


Have anyone ever run a Safety-over-Ethercat solution via the etherlab-master?



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