[etherlab-dev] CoE FSM dictionary entry requests

Gavin Lambert gavinl at compacsort.com
Mon Aug 10 02:12:59 CEST 2015


I was looking through the CoE code recently (specifically trying to decide
whether to implement ETG1004 (unit specification) in a slave -- given that
neither Etherlab nor the SSC appears to support it though, I'm leaning
towards not) and noticed something a little odd.

In fsm_coe.c's ec_fsm_coe_dict_prepare_entry, the value info byte is
specified as 0x01 for "access rights only".

According to ETG1000.6, that bit is "reserved" and the access rights
are supplied in the response regardless.  So shouldn't this be 0x00 instead
of 0x01?  Or is there some historic reason for this that I'm unaware of?

Gavin Lambert

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