[etherlab-dev] A bundle of minor changes

Tillman, Scott Scott.Tillman at bhemail.com
Fri Oct 23 05:52:01 CEST 2015

I've been integrating the Etherlab master stack into my company's existing controls and have, in the process, added some minor things.  I'm not at all familiar with mercurial, but I can probably separate these into distinct commits and/or bundles if that's desired.

1) I've added an ioctl and appropriate wrappers so that user space applications can request a bus scan.  This is particularly important if the bus scan fails for some reason (see next)

2) There should be no requirement for real-time responsiveness during topology exploration.  Prior to activating the master it shouldn't assume 500us response rates even if you require that (or better) for your real-time installations.  I've simply added code to use different timeout values for active and inactive states.  This allows me to successfully perform bus scans from my virtual machine over a USB<->Ethernet connection.  I was never able to get a successful bus scan on that system without this change.  This allows me to use a single build for both development (simulated) and deployment (real) hardware.

3)  There seemed to be no method for placing domain data within an RTAI shared memory region.  I've added that and the ioctls necessary for reaching it.  In that process I fixed what may be a bug in the handling of externally provided shared memory.

Mainly I'm posting this now because I'm about to ask a question related to the CCAT driver.  It probably has nothing to do with these changes, but who knows?  These changes should show up on the 1.5 stable branch.  To apply cleanly they require the recently posted CCAT v13 bundle, but that's probably just my inexperience with mercurial.

Comments or suggestions on better methods to do what I've tried to do are always welcome.

-Scott Tillman
Advisory Software Engineer
Bell + Howell

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