[etherlab-dev] looking for e1000e driver for kernel 4.4

Rusu Valerian valerianrusu at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 21 14:44:57 CET 2016


 I'musing Ubuntu 16.04 with kernel 4.4.30-rt41. I'm looking for e1000e driver forkernel 4.4. The latest kernel for which I was able to find the e1000e driverwas 3.18.  A patchwith this driver would be great but even advices are much appreciated. I'm notso knowledgeable about Linux or Etherlab’s EtherCAT Master but I have usedthese around 3 yrs ago for a few projects. At that time I used Ubuntu 12.04with kernel 3.2 (with RT patch) for which e1000e driver was available. I’mplaying with these in my spare time so not enough time to go into details. CurrentlyI'm able to use the generic driver with kernel 4.4 but in the past I used toface some problems when using generic driver. These problems went away once Ihave used the e1000e driver. Onceagain any kind of help in this direction is appreciated. ValerianRusuEmbeddedSW Developer
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