[etherlab-dev] Upgrading ethercat master

Knud Baastrup kba at deif.com
Mon Jan 9 08:26:54 CET 2017

Hi Nir,

I would suggest that you use Gavin Patchset 20160804 (https://sourceforge.net/u/uecasm/etherlab-patches/ci/default/tree/#readme). We use it successfully for EoE, but you will need to apply this additionally patch 0061 that provides an important fix for patch 0004. This additional patch should hopefully at some time get squashed into patch 0004.

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I've been working with ethercat master 1.5.1 for a while now. So far I used only CoE but would like to start using the EoE functionality in parallel to CoE.

I understand that I have to upgrade.

Would you please recommend which branch/commit/patch-set I should use to get maximum stability and broadest functionality?

Thanks a lot,


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