[etherlab-dev] foe_write for copley firmware update

Lingjie_Kong at amat.com Lingjie_Kong at amat.com
Wed Oct 25 18:33:11 CEST 2017


I am just wondering that does anybody notice the following issue when downloading the firmware for Copley Drive through foe_write command.

First, I put the Copley drive into BOOT mode.
ethercat -m0 states -p0 BOOT

Then, I send the Copley .cff to download firmware
ethercat -m0 foe_write -p0 /var/ftp/gather/BE2_2.99.cff

However, I consistently get FOE_TIMEOUT_ERROR and FOE_WC_ERROR

Based on what Copley told me that,

"It looks like your EtherCAT FoE command timed out during the firmware download.  Can you increase the timeout that it uses? At the start of the firmware download the drive needs to erase the old firmware before it can start writing the new file.  This can take several seconds.  During that time the drive will indicate that it's busy and the master should keep trying.  It's possible that the master program you're using quit before the drive finished erasing the flash."

Therefore, I am just wondering that does anybody has problem on downloading firmware through foe_write like above and how to resolve it. Any suggestion will be really appreciated.

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