[etherlab-dev] Unofficial patchset update 20180622

Gavin Lambert gavin.lambert at tomra.com
Mon Jun 25 02:22:05 CEST 2018

Hi all,

I've just updated the unofficial patchset to version 20180622.  It is still based on the same upstream default commit as before: 33b922.


Notable changes since the last release (20171108):

  *   Refreshed all patches; they now contain a little more context.
  *   devices/0009-cx2100-2.6.patch and 0010-cx2100-4.9.patch: incorporated logging changes provided by Graeme Foot.
  *   base/0000-version-magic.patch: bumped version numbers since new patches have introduced new API.
  *   base/0032-signal-4.11.patch: due to stable/0017 this patch was rewritten (but is still required because stable is still missing an include).
  *   features/rt-slave/0001-allow-app-to-process-slave-requests-from-realtime.patch: incorporated changes provided by Graeme Foot.

New patches:

  *   Pulled stable/0017 through 0023 from stable-1.5 branch into default branch.
  *   devices/0011-linux-4.14.patch: Update device drivers for Linux 4.14.
  *   devices/0012-e1000-unused-variable.patch: Avoid uninitialzed variable warning in e1000, provided by Graeme Foot.
  *   base/0033-dc-sync1-offset.patch: use both sync1_cycle and sync1_offset to determine SYNC1 register value; resolves issue with using SYNC1 shifts.  Provided by Graeme Foot.
     *   Note that I've modified this slightly from the version posted in the ML; it now forces SYNC1 to 0 if you try to set SYNC1 values without a valid SYNC0 time, instead of setting up an incorrect SYNC0 cycle.
  *   features/eoe-rtdm/0001-eoe-addif-delif-tools.patch: explicit EoE interfaces, provided by Graeme Foot.
     *   Also modified slightly to resolve some compile errors and incorrect printfs.
  *   features/eoe-rtdm/0002-eoe-via-rtdm.patch: application-controlled EoE for RTDM, provided by Graeme Foot.

Note that other than a quick glance through and verifying it compiles I haven't done much vetting on the EoE patches, as I don't use EoE or RTDM myself.  Please let me know if there are any issues, or if I've overlooked some other patches.
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