[etherlab-dev] [etherlab-users] Xenomai 3 and RTDM's Net drivers.

Edouard Tisserant edouard.tisserant at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 21:52:42 CET 2018

Hi Joonyoung

That's a pitty. I didn't know about your pre-existing Xenomai 3 support
patch. I should have insisted on googling "EtherLAB + Xenomai 3".

Our two implementations differ in many ways, and are based on different
branches. Not sure there is a merge possible.

Is Gavin's patchset supposed to merge in upstream at some point ?



On 14/11/2018 04:05, Joonyoung Shim wrote:
> Hi Edouard,
> On 10/08/2018 01:05 AM, Edouard Tisserant wrote:
>> Hello EtherLab users !
>> EtherLab's EtherCAT master is being ported to Xenomai 3, and this is now
>> getting ready :
>> https://hg.beremiz.org/etherlabmaster/
>> I also added a new device : devices/rtdmnet.c. It is really similar to
>> devices/generic.c, but it uses RTDM's Net drivers instead of Linux
>> drivers. This new device still needs fixing, and only works in idle mode
>> for now - working on a fix right now.
>> Pre-existing devices/*.c haven't been tested. My current test bench is a
>> freescale imx6, with xenomai 3.0.7, using RTDM's FEC driver. Feedback
>> from other targets/devices would be welcome.
>> @Florian : keeping compatibility with Xenomai2's RTDM wasn't a priority,
>> and I only focused on porting to Xenomai 3. Maybe is it still possible
>> to be compatible using #ifdefs. If this or anything else prevents you to
>> merge, please tell.
> I tried also to support RTDM of Xenomai3 and to keep compatibility with
> Xenomai2. I have tested on xenomai 3.0.5 over it is working well. You
> can refer my patch attached. It is based on the unofficial patchset to
> version 20180622 of Gavin.
> Thanks.

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