[etherlab-users] Controlled by userspace application

Frank Werner etherlab at wesoft.de
Sun Feb 3 22:16:41 CET 2008

Hi all,

I need to control some Beckhoff EL1004/EL2004 (Digital I/O) modules from a 
Linux userspace application. Realtime is not a request for this projekt.

So I wrote a kernel module (ec_control), which talkes via a character device 
to the userspace application.

I use etherlab 1.3.2 and a Kernel.

I need some assistance to talk from my ec_control module to the ec_master 
module. I read the doc generated by doxygen (shipped with etherlab 1.3.2). I 
miss some infos about how to set the outputs or how to read the inputs. How 
can I obtain infos about the slaves (inside my kernel module, I know about 
lsec from etherlab)

Maybe there is somebody who can point me to the right direction or give me 
some example code (the examples inside etherlab unfortunately did not help 
me :-()



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