[etherlab-users] problems with Beckhoff EL3702 terminal

Matthias Dagen dagen at ifr.uni-hannover.de
Mon Feb 11 18:06:29 CET 2008


> This is an oversampling slave, right?
You're right, they support DC and oversampling.
> Not yet. But I think it's inevitable to have distributed clocks to
> operate this slave reasonable. I guess it waits for a timing event. Do
> you have some documentation for this slave?
The documentation can be downloaded at  
ftp://ftp.beckhoff.com/Document/BusTermi/BusTermi/EL3702d.chm (german) 
or ftp://ftp.beckhoff.com/Document/BusTermi/BusTermi/EL3702e.chm (english).
I think I have to set the SYNC0 and the SYNC1 pulse. Depending on the 
ratio them I can read xx samples/PDOs.
Is it possible to set the sync-pulse with the ethercat master or is 
there a workaround?

By the way, does the next release of the ethercat master support DC ;-) ?

> Did you modify the s-function to output a vector of the (over-)sampled
> values?
Only for one sample, its pdo is listed in the xml device description. I 
just wanted to see if it will work or not.
But I think it is not too difficult to read the other values, if the 
sync problem will be solved.

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