[etherlab-users] etherlab-users Digest, Vol 14, Issue 3

Florian Pose fp at igh-essen.com
Tue Jul 8 11:23:42 CEST 2008

On Tue, Jul 08, 2008 at 05:07:17PM +0900, Hobin Yoon wrote:
> I've removed unused SDOs by trial and error. Please find the attached
> file. According to the 'CoE-Online' tab, I've added SDO configuration
> functions.

Please note that the CoE-Online tab lists the current values of the
Sdos. That does not mean, that they are already configured correctly.

>     if (ecrt_slave_conf_sdo8(ec_slave, 0x1C12, 0, 1)) goto out_release_master;
>     if (ecrt_slave_conf_sdo16(ec_slave, 0x1C12, 1, 0x1600)) goto
> out_release_master;
>     if (ecrt_slave_conf_sdo8(ec_slave, 0x1C13, 0, 2)) goto out_release_master;
>     if (ecrt_slave_conf_sdo16(ec_slave, 0x1C13, 1, 0x1A00)) goto
> out_release_master;
>     if (ecrt_slave_conf_sdo16(ec_slave, 0x1C13, 2, 0x1A01)) goto

Please do not configure the Pdo assignment and Pdo mapping Sdos via the
ecrt_slave_conf_sdoX() functions. They are automatically configured by
the master depending on the values passed to the
ecrt_slave_pdo_mapping() functions, if used. Otherwise, the master reads
the assigned Pdos from the slave, so that you don't have to configure
anything regarding the Pdos.

But again: The master 1.4 offers a much more comfortable way to
configure Pdo assignment and mapping. Moreover it should be much easier
to take new slaves into operation with the 1.4 branch.

> Regarding the DC, my XML has the following DC element. It seems to be
> needed since it didn't work when removed in TwinCAT.
> <Dc>
> 	<OpMode>
> 		<Name>Distributed Clocks</Name>
> 		<Desc>Distributed Clocks</Desc>
> 		<AssignActivate>#x0700</AssignActivate>
> 	</OpMode>
> </Dc>

Ok, it looked like the slave is still configured to use DC. Did you
reset it?

Best regards,
Florian Pose


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