[etherlab-users] Can read_sdo() be used in realtime (e.g. 1000hz in RTAI)?

Jason Xu jason at motiondesign.co.nz
Mon Apr 6 06:09:22 CEST 2009


I am a new user of Ethercat device, and when I use BeckHoff EL3102 analog
input device in an experiment (by following the example c code in mini and
RTAI of document "ethercat-1.4.0-rc3"), I find out that if I keep the
scan-cycle at 1 hz, I can access the Sdo data successfully, and read the
value of analog in. However, if I put the Read_sdo() in a higher scan-cycle
(e.g. 1000hz), it always shows EC_SDO_REQUEST_BUSY status.

About two years ago, someone asked a question about read_sdo in realtime. At
that time, the answer was No. Is that still the case now? If so, is there a
way to read a value of analog_in in real time?


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