[etherlab-users] problems making etherlab (+ other issues)

dclark at mmto.org dclark at mmto.org
Fri Aug 14 02:36:10 CEST 2009

Hello Florian,

I've been quite busy with other projects but had a couple hours today to
try your newest versions from below.

I succeeded in getting the latest ethercat master to build and install
without any difficulties.

I did have a minor problem with building etherlab; there is still an "-e"
printed right at the beginning of the kernel-cflags.c sourcefile by the
make process somehow. I did remove the "echo -e" from line 35 of Kbuild in
the /tools/rt_appcore as suggested earlier by Richard, but this "-e" still
crept in. Removing it sorted out the make failure.

There are issues with folder permissions when running setup_etherlab.m,
but this is not necessarily a problem with ethercat/etherlab, just a
problem with the Linux permissions for my Matlab installation in general.
I did get it to finish precompiling all the object files for etherlab
blocks, and am left with some weird thing where it complained about not
being able to update the path (again a folder permission issue).
However,the block libray exists now, so I will be trying the
Matlab/Simulink/Ethercat stuff out next chance I get.

Thanks to you and Richard for all your help!


Dusty Clark
MMT Observatory
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ USA

> I adapted EtherLab-1.3 to the new master interface. Please try this
> pair:
> http://etherlab.org/download/ethercat/ethercat-devel-r1824.tar.bz2
> http://etherlab.org/download/etherlab/etherlab-1.3-pre-r589.tar.gz

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