[etherlab-users] Mailbox error using coopley accelnet slave

Stephen Glow sglow at copleycontrols.com
Mon Feb 2 20:15:07 CET 2009

Hi Florian;

I've got your EtherCAT master up and running now and was able to 
reproduce the error that Massimo reported.  You were correct, this was a 
problem with the mailbox information set in the EEPROM. 

Thanks very much for pointing this out.  It will be corrected in all 
future firmware versions.


Florian Pose wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 08:59:25AM -0500, Stephen Glow wrote:
>> In fact, the only sections of the SII that aren't included in this device 
>> are the bootstrap mailbox info (not yet supported) and the PDO information.
> when I tested with Jim on the last EtherCAT Plugfest, we had to correct
> the standard mailbox information in words 0x0018-0x001b, that was the
> only thing to get it running.
>> The reason for the lack of PDO information is that our PDOs are all 
>> variable.  For a device such as this I don't believe that the PDO 
>> information is mandatory.
> Correct, in that case the [RT]xPdo categories are not mandatory and
> moreover shouldn't be included, because the they will deprecate once the
> PDO configuration is altered for the first time.
>> Is it possible that the lack of PDO information is causing this problem?
> No, because the master reads the (dynamic) PDO configuration from the
> SDOs 0x1c1x and the referenced objects.
> As you probably know, Jim called me yesterday. He suggested to send me a
> device for testing to eliminate this interoperability issues. The funny
> thing is, that we were searching DC amps with EtherCAT interface for a
> long time and we really could use two of them for one of our
> applications! ;-)
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