[etherlab-users] EtherCAT newbie - NXIO 100-RE

Fuchs Clemens Clemens.Fuchs at engel.at
Wed Feb 25 15:53:15 CET 2009

 ethercat pdo is saying:

SM0: PhysAddr 0x1000, DefaultSize  128, ControlRegister 0x36, Enable 1
SM1: PhysAddr 0x1080, DefaultSize  128, ControlRegister 0x32, Enable 1
SM2: PhysAddr 0x1100, DefaultSize    4, ControlRegister 0x74, Enable 1
  RxPDO 0x1600 "RxPDO 1"
    PDO entry 0x2004:20,  3 bit, ""
SM3: PhysAddr 0x1358, DefaultSize    4, ControlRegister 0x30, Enable 1
  TxPDO 0x1a00 "TxPDO 1"
    PDO entry 0x2007:20,  3 bit, ""

but this is not, what is written in Hilschers XML and what sii_read is saying - why? 

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Betreff: Re: [etherlab-users] EtherCAT newbie - NXIO 100-RE

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 02:00:44PM +0100, Fuchs Clemens wrote:
> It's confusing me more and more:
> I contacted Hirlscher to get new firmware for NXIO-100RE. I also received a XML description of the slave (Hilscher NXIO 100RE ECS.xml).
> When querying XML description via ethercat xml I receive a completely different description (nxio100re.xml).
> The info got via ethercat sii_read (ssi.bin) seems to match "Hilscher NXIO 100RE ECS.xml" (I found matching HEX values).
> Are there some inconsitencies on my device or do I missunderstand something ?

The device description generated by the master contains only basic information an can not be complete, because no all of the information can be queried from the slave. Moreover the generated XML contains PDO information read from the SDO dictionary.

If you are looking for the PDOs currently available, have a look at 'ethercat pdos', they are the same as in the generated XML file.

Best regards,
Florian Pose

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