[etherlab-users] Data logging

Julian Stoev julian.stoev at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 14:56:27 CEST 2009


Thanks for the help. My system now works quite decently and I will
have to make some purely control related experiments with an
experimental motor system. I will need to make sweep-sine tests for
frequency response measurement. Next steps may be other methods for
rudimentary system identification. All these will need a good grasp of
the data logging tools provided with etherlab to get the data back in

I tested testmanager and it works immediately. Very nice and useful
program, BTW. My initial thought was that I may be lucky if the
testmanager programs provides some simple file output. But apparently
there is none.... So I will have to dig into DLS with documentation in
German... and I do not know German language. Google translation may
help, but it is a torture.
I compiled the source version of the DLS on Debian stable and it runs,
as much as I can see.

Any suggestion how should I proceed? Some DLS quick jump-start link or
example in English would be very appreciated.


Julian Stoev, PhD.
Control Researcher

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