[etherlab-users] Machine freeze/reset on module load

Andreas Stewering-Bone ab at igh-essen.com
Thu Oct 21 17:39:27 CEST 2010

Hello Mr. Haabendal,

RTAI is an nanokernel which runs below the standard kernel, it has 
lesser functionalities than the normal kernel.

In RTAI context you can only use the RTAI-API or driver functionalities 
which do not depend on on other subsystems.
So you can use the specific drivers e100 or 8169too for example.

The generic driver depends on low level kernel network stack  subsystem, 
so it is not useable under  RTAI.

Under preempt kernel the kernel itself has realtime capabilities, so you 
can use the generic driver.

Please show the debugging output of the ethercat command if you read the 



Esben Haabendal schrieb:
> Florian Pose <fp at igh-essen.com> writes:
>> Yes, as the documentation states, the generic Ethernet driver is not
>> usable with RTAI.
> The documentation states:
>   "The disadvantage is, that this approach does not support realtime
>    extensions like RTAI, because the Linux network stack is addressed."
> How is "realtime extensions like RTAI" to be interpreted in the above?
> Specifically, what is the position on using ec_generic with RT_PREEMPT?
> It seems to work, but I am about to investigate a kernel hang when doing
> reg_read with ec_generic.  I am suspecting that this might be related to
> using RT_PREEMPT, in which case I really hope there is a reasonable
> chance of fixing it.
> /Esben
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