[etherlab-users] 2.6.31 RT_PREEMPT kernel and e1000 driver not working

martin troxler martin.troxler at komaxgroup.com
Thu Apr 28 09:56:36 CEST 2011

Hello Newell 

We use almost the same system configuration (same Ubuntu, same rt
kernel, Intel 82541PI). 

Could you please enable ethercat debugging (ethercat debug 1) and add
the kernel log (dmesg output). 


>>> Andreas Stewering-Bone <ab at igh-essen.com> 28/4/2011 09:49 >>>
Hello Newell,

I think only Florian can answer your question, but why don't you use
the generic driver?



Am 28.04.2011 02:21, schrieb Newell Jensen: 

I should have also added that it compiles and installs and I can even
get the master running but no device is captured by the master: 


  Phase: Waiting for device.... 

and yes I have made sure that I have the right device and MAC address
within /etc/sysconfig/ethercat. 

Hope to hear any suggestions... right now I am looking into possible
e1000e issues if that rings any bells. 


On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 5:02 PM, Newell Jensen <pillar2012 at gmail.com>


I have not been able to get the e1000 driver to work.  

My system: 

OS - Ubuntu 10.04 

Kernel - 2.6.31 RT_PREEMPT 

NIC - Intel 82574L or Intel 825473L (I have tried both and both don't

I am configuring with: 

$ ./configure --enable-e1000 

... which should be working.  Any other suggestions here? 

I have the latest source from the repository as well. 







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