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Andreas Stewering-Bone ab at igh-essen.com
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Hello Benedikt,


9 +10: Copy of the xml Description, is used to configure the slave in 
the typical EtherCAT way
12+13:  Interface Description between EtherCAT and Simulink IO
                 - Map which PDO-Entry on which simulink block port
                 - Datatype, Width of Simulink block port
                 - Scaling (Rawbits, 0..1, userdefined) of Simulink 
block port

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Am 18.08.2011 15:06, schrieb Benedikt Thelen:
> Hi i noticed a curiosity
> In the s-function ec_slave2.c 14 function parameters are described at
> the beginning of the file. If although i look how many parameters are
> passed to the ec_slave2 function (Any block->look under Mask)  there
> are only 7.
> I assume that some parameters are grouped together like address for instance.
> The only thing i don't understand Is the correlation between parameter
> 9 -PDO information, 10-PDO-Entry type and 12/13 Block input/output
> port description:
> As far as i can tell the XML description of the file determines what
> pdos are available and when i attach a generic slave usually all input
> and output pdos from the XML attached. Since this is done
> automatically what is the sense of parameters 9 and 10, can I
> select/deselect specific pdos for syncronization (FMMU mapping)?
> I tryed modifining the xml files, by doing this i can change what pdos
> are available so it seems that the parameters 9 and 10 are never used.
> How are the ec_slave2 parameters described in the file header actually used?
> Greetings Benedikt Thelen
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