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Westpfahl Jasper Jasper.Westpfahl-projekt at ipk.fraunhofer.de
Tue Feb 22 15:56:13 CET 2011

Hello Etherlab community,

Has anybody had problems with memory allocation or insufficient memory running etherlab-modules made from large Simulink models?

I encounter problems running kernelmodules generated from Simulink/SimMechanics with etherlab target. After successfully compiling the model and giving the insmod command I look at the model from testmanager (connection is successful) but the model doesn't seem to run (no channel changes values ,The Value Channels/Taskinfo/0/Period/Value is 0).
I included the output of /var/log/messages after insmod and rmmod of that model into the email. Also the ethercat hardware components never enter the operational state.
When I dramatically decrease the size of the model, it works, produces reasonable output and the ethercat hardware becomes operational.

So I got a hint that for my particular model I might have to increase the rtai stack size. I did that, but any value of stack_size above roughly 120000 yields an error message saying:
insmod: error inserting 'Test2_kmod.ko': -1 Cannot allocate memory
although the command: 'free' shows 500 Mb free memory and killing numerous other processes makes no difference.

I am running matlab2009b, Etherlab 1.3 (with SimMechanics support), Ethercat master 1.5 on Suse 10.3 with a Kernel

Has anybody encountered anything like this before and knows what the problem might be?

Yours faithfully,
Jasper Westpfahl
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