[etherlab-users] [Error] Configure: Error: kernel 2.6.32 not available for 8139too driver

Thomas Paoloni thomas at digithom.it
Thu Feb 24 16:29:20 CET 2011

On 24/02/2011 16:12, peak peak wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> When I configure the EtherCAT master. I got such the error, although 
> 8139too.ko is available in my driver list.
> On my computer, the ./configure only supports generic or r8169, but my 
> NIC card is RTL8139.
> If I use --enable-generic, it will be fine, but I would not able to 
> use RTAI, will I?

For the RTAI use of RTL8139 you need the 8139too.
The generic driver will not work with RTAI extensions.

Everything is written here ;-)


Look to the green highligthed text ... do you really need RTAI ?


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