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Here comes the attachment for the mail below - sorry!

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Betreff: Memory for kernel module

Dear Etherlab-friends,

I've got a problem with memory allocation and I hope, somebody can help me...

Building a kernel modul with rtai stack size (in simulink configuration parameters / Etherlab C code generation options) works with values of 20000 and 200000. 
When inserting the module with 20000, it works fine, meaning that I get a connection to the realtime-process, but the stack size is not big enough to operate the model properly.
When inserting the module with 200000 (insmod tb_kmod.ko), I got the messsage

insmod: error inserting 'tb_kmod.ko': -1 Cannot allocate memory

Can anybody tell me, where and how to adjust the accepted Rtai stack size?

/var/log/messages is attached.

Thank You very much in advance!


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