[etherlab-users] DC problems

Andreas Stewering-Bone ab at igh-essen.com
Mon Nov 14 13:39:22 CET 2011


DC is a little bit more difficult than normal io.

First there are some questions:

- Which Realtime Subsystem do you use? (RTAI, Xenomai, Preempt)
- Which CPU do you use?
- Which NIC driver do you use?
- Which etherlab master version do you use?
- What is your system latency? (RTAI/testsuite)
- Which slave do you want to use?

About OP State

try to set

ethercat debug 1

and start your application and post the dmesg output.

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Am 14.11.2011 13:22, schrieb carlos_jimenez at encopim.com:
> Hi all,
> I have problems when running the examples in DC, both in real time and 
> without it.
> I modify the examples to suit the device I have, so I set a module
> digital output (Beckhoff EL2004).
> The problem is that the slave never goes to OP state, without giving 
> any error message,
> but if I comment the line of code:
> 'ecrt_master_application_time (master, EC_TIMEVAL2NANO (tv))'
> so that I'm not updating the time of application, the slave goes to OP 
> state and work
> correctly, but I get the error line:
> "EtherCAT ERROR 0: Received app_time not up to now, But Already active 
> master). '
> Does somebody know why doesn't the Ethercat slave go to OP state when 
> using the
> ecrt_master_application_time method?
> Thank you

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